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You don't need to do the picture arrangement any longer, which is easy, boredom but takes a long time.


The picture management, as in the past is

too troublesome to take a numerous pictures, to transfer data from device to device and to make documents with the pictures.

It causes

unorganized storage

unorganized storage

too many similar pictures

too many similar pictures

short of storage

short of storage
By using pictum

Yes, you can.Get easy access with smartphone and tablet.

Yes, you can.Check, edit and store pictures from anywhere.

Check, edit and store pictures from anywhere.

pictum functions/3 steps

Pictum enables seamless management within easy 3 steps.
(Patent pending:2016-126027)

pictum functions/3 steps

Import the sketch.

Set a sketch as a background image.

step 1

Set the Pictum cursor.

Set a location and orientation.

step 2

Take a picture.

Take a picture with your device.

step 3

What you can do with pictum



Pictum helps to find the picture which you exactly need.

Chorological arrange

Chorological arrange

It adopts chorological data management that you can arrange entire periods' pictures of one location and get all pictures of one point.

Editable ledger report

Editable ledger report

You can customize the ledger report sheet by yourself. The format is Excel.

Uses of pictum

Field survey

For arranging survey pictures of soil, water quality or other field works.


For arranging construction site photographing.


For editing landmark brochures and guide maps.


For keeping pictures of traffic accidents or fire accidents as evidence.


For arranging pictures of inside and outside of buildings.
For management of reforms by comparing before and after.

The way of Pictum's use is not limited. It is up to you!

You can place an interactive Information map. (under development)
Zoom and scroll this canvas, and click pictums!